Cauldron Herald - April 4, 4712

The Cauldron Harold – April 5 4712

Orphans Latest Victims as Kidnappings Continue
For over three moons a score of Cauldron’s citizens have disappeared. In the latest incident, four children were kidnapped from the Lantern Street Orphanage. Despite Captain Skellerang’s assurances that his best men are trying to find the missing persons, Cauldron’s citizens worry that there are nefarious forces at work in and around the city proper.

A quick survey on the streets will offer the seeker any number of possible explanations from the mundane to the bizarre. Some say a secret guild of Halfling rogues is responsible for the robberies and kidnappings, but up to now evidence is scarce. Coryston Pike, one of the kidnapped victims, feared for her life days before she vanished. Coincidence? I think not! “A cloaked figure collided with me in the street and knocked me down. She uttered some horrible curse, glared at me with her ghostly face and haunting blue eyes, then strode off.” reports one local who chose to remain anonymous.

Captain Skellerang denies rumors of an evil cult that has taken residence in Cauldron and is sacrificing kidnap victims to Morkoth, the creature rumored to live in Cauldron Lake. “Hogwash!” states Captain Skellerang. “Morkoth is a child’s story as is, let alone some fantasy cult. We’ll get to the real culprit.”

In an effort to concentrate on the search for the missing kidnap victims, the Lord Mayor has ordered a decree to withdraw city guardsmen from their outposts and regional patrols.

New Tax Plan Unveiled
The Lord Mayor’s office has announced a change in the tax code—the first change in 15 years. According to documents attained by the Herald it is the wealthy citizens that will be most affected by the change. On top of the usual tariffs on goods imported from other lands, the city will now be taking a modest fee on luxury items.

According the Lord Mayor’s office, luxury items include delicacy meals, ornate jewelry and art, and other non-necessary items of splendor. A new inheritance tax has also been declared, that being 1 silver on the gold. Most citizens are ok with the tax increases, stating security as a justifiable reason. “We need guards and investigators to figure out and prevent these kidnappings. That costs money. Those rich high mucky mucks can help front some of the blow in my opinion.” says one local fisherman. Local merchants and trading houses however are concerned that this could be the first of many tax increases in the coming year.

Cauldron Herald - April 4, 4712

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