Sylvia Spellreaver



A tall woman with deep piercing red eyes and a stiff military stance – As a woman of Cauldron Sylvia would easily seem out of place even without her iconic dark iron-colored wings jutting from her back. The white tail she tries to hide within her armor’s ornamentation is one more thing others immediately notice when it involuntarily flicks against her will. Despite being hauntingly beautiful Sylvia’s Tiefling Heritage has left others to admire her from a distance leaving her alone the few times she has been seen at a tavern in Cauldron. Whatever darkness Sylvia carries within her soul has clearly manifested strongly within, her heritage hardly hidden by the uninviting thick bladed armor she wears.


Overall people say ‘Lady Iron-Wing’ seems friendly, often leaning with her exotic polearm as tall as she while speaking to various merchants of Cauldron. Her unique ornamental weapon bears detailed runes and a clear coat of arms of what could only be the Spellreaver family, a noble family well-known for their power through demonic dabblings. No member of the Spellreaver family has been seen aside from Sylvia herself in quite some time and some have even publicly questioned the tieflings noble claim due to her heritage.

Even with the temple of Iomedae sheltering her, whispers and rumors of Sylvia’s lineage and family are common gossip on the streets of Cauldron on the rare occassions that ‘Lady Iron-Wing’ is actually seen walking them. Most of her time is spent in the Chapel of Iomedae where she is rumored to be training to become a Paladin (another seperate and publicly controversial subject).

People’s rumors speak of her peculiar activities and interests, exotic experiments, and her obsessive research into the occult. Some stories even claim to hear sounds at night, reportedly screams from where her quarters are believed to be in the north-east tower. Despite hearsay of Lady Iron-Wing’s church involvement under Iomedae many citizens are not convinced the would be Paladin is not harboring some dark secret.

Sylvia claims to just be on the eve of her teenage years but despite this she looks older and seems very much adult and driven. This calls into question her claim that she is just entering adult hood as many feel her age could easily be a lie… as no one remembers when exactly she showed up. It seems people have many different stories of what she and her family are up to, but only a handful of them assume the best.

Sylvia Spellreaver

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