Elven Witch


Every move an Elf executes has a purpose. Celwynia’s movements are lithe, graceful and very quiet. She also has a very gentle side of her especially apparent when she is tending to the wounded or sick. This Is reflected in her vocal tone as well as her body language.

Her face is covered in strange eldritch runes and some tribal tattoos of the wild elves of long ago. When she signs a document she enacts magic to inscribe the same type of runes along with her signature. These symbols are a sun, water waves, pyramids, blowing clouds, a moon and a pair of dragons.

When you look closely you can see that her eyes are slightly different colors, one violet and one that changes the spectrum of fuchsia depending on her moods.

She enjoys wearing jewelry and has a particular like of earrings and necklaces.

Personality: Wise, convincing, slightly eccentric, eclectic, and contemplates philosophy quite a bit. She will never say something unless she truly means it, it makes sense, and she believes it with all her heart (unless intentionally tricking someone). She adores nature and everything it encompasses. Being very in tune with the natural essence of things, as a longer lived race she understands the cycle of life, death and rebirth and generally remains neutral in disputes, but will NOT hesitate to stand up and fight for what she believes in! Celwynia seems a paradox of being young and naïve and older than her years suggest.

Oddities of behavior:
Likes dwarves finds them “cute” especially their beards and clothing. The older dwarves may tolerate her as they have learned that she genuinely likes their company and is not making fun of them as other elves might. She can still get on their nerves however due to her fawning over them like a favorite pet or going a bit over the top for their liking. Do not confuse her finding them “cute” for physical attraction, it is more how a teenage girl would squeal and become excited by kittens.

Heals but doesn’t claim to do so for any particular deity, most assume she could be a druid of some sort as she helps heal others, and when the elderly are getting ready to pass on she will often stay with them for some time and then give a eulogy as well as tell the people they didn’t have time to speak with final words and wishes.

She has been seen traveling with a small reptile that has a snake-like neck and head, a bird-like body (but skin like a lizard) with strong legs for running, and a whip-like tail that she calls Chomp-a-Saurus and seems to carry on long conversations with her well trained pet. She will often have Chomp-a-Saurus do tricks for the local kids much to their delight.


Old timers remember a kind elf girl from the forest coming out of no where to help when the floods were upon them. Not only did she use healing magic to assist those that were injured but she swam into the water to rescue several people from drowning.

Since then she has made journeys into the town fairly often to help with different tasks and has taken an active interest in making sure people are remembered for what they have contributed in life.

She periodically has made visits to the town to heal those in need and never charges for this service. She will listen to others requests for help and give advice when she can to share the knowledge she has gained for the benefit for the community.

Her father and many others thought a tragedy had struck as Celwynia was missing for several years. They were near to giving up the search but recently she has been seen again much to her fathers delight. People whisper that she could have been under some sort of sorcery or worse since Celwynia doesn’t seem to think the time she was missing was very long at all.


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