Human Sorcerer


A man of average stature if not slightly taller, of slender build and stern features, Abraxas appears as a normal human being. His eyes are dark when he is occupied by thought, though brighten when engaged in social situations so at a glance most passersby find them warm and inviting, where those who know him can sense his aloof mood by the abrupt switch. He is extremely particular about his light blonde hair, which is always immaculately styled to his (though few others) liking, and to see him about in public un-kept surely means that something is amiss. Overall he has a mild, slightly dark look, dresses well and keeps up his appearance, though only for his own personal satisfaction.


Abraxas hails originally from Cauldron, though his family moved away to Elador when he was only a child as they were trying to expand and optimize their mercantile business. They export spices, fruits, and other exotic commodities such as gemstones and jewelry to Varisia, and in turn import from Varisia to Elador and other nearby settlements. He spent the majority of his time alone, as he cared little for the company of the other local children, who were often unfriendly and out casted him primarily due to his strange habit of talking to himself which he never outgrew. He is often still noticed muttering to himself as he ponders or daydreams, at times gesticulating wildly whilst sorting out more demanding scenarios. He is often quiet, though is well spoken and not necessarily shy. He is not one to spark conversation, especially amongst those he does not know, but is unafraid to join in and share pertinent information when necessary. As he reached his early to mid 20’s, Abraxas began to have strange and terrifying dreams that no one seems to be able to decipher. These nightmares in conjunction with his unique abilities which no one else in his immediate family seem to have or know anything about are his primary motivations to return to Cauldron, seeking his sole remaining relative in the area Embirl Aloustinai, the high priestess of the church of Pharsma, in hopes of making sense of the dreams and changes he is experiencing.


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