Welcome to Cauldron!

The story mainly takes place in Cauldron and the surrounding region. The story will emphasize local NPCs and intrigue, as such it is imperative that your characters are from Cauldron. So please take a look through the site and get a feel for the city and the region before finalizing your character. Feel free to collaborate with me if you wish to include anything you find here in your character’s background.

The Adventure Log will be an ongoing journal of the party’s experiences.

The Wiki will be an ever growing collection of campaign information.

The Characters Tab will include your characters background, and picture. It will also include NPC pictures and information. As you learn more about the various NPCs in and around {{Cauldron]], their information will be updated.

The Items tab will include campaign handouts.

The Calander will be used to schedule play sessions.

The Maps tab includes a map of Cauldron and the environs surrounding the city. It will be updated over time as you discover new areas.

The Comments tab is just that, it is a place to leave commments.

Character Creation

The Shackled City

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